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Drone with camera how can I choose(II)?

Apr 26,2023 | Autdrone

Third, toy drones

The industry generally refers to drones up to a thousand dollars as toy machines or flying toy machines.

As this kind of toy machine usually has no GPS, does not avoid obstacles, has no gimbal, the camera pixels are not too high, the power of the basic brush motor is not enough, and the distance of the remote control is one hundred meters.

These drones are suitable only for experimenting with flight control, not for aerial photography, and never let the drone fly out of your field of view.

In terms of price, the cheapest ones can be bought for a few tens of dollars, and the most expensive ones cost basically up to a thousand dollars. There are two toy planes that are still worth mentioning:

1、Q6 3-Side Obstacle Avoidance Drone 8k HD Aerial Toy Plane

Six reasons to recommend:

  1. pixels with cinema quality of 8K. ii. obstacle prevention on three sides. iii. Gesture control. v. Double cameras. vi. Modular battery, can fly for 25 minutes. vii. can hover in the air to take pictures. viii. take-off and landing with one touch, suitable for beginners.

    The flight distance of this drone can reach 300 M. This toy plane is known as the most representative toy level drone, with a price of about a thousand dollars, equipped with 8K dual cameras, and the duration of a single battery can reach about 28 minutes, which is already a very conscious configuration.

    However, the Q6 toy airplane also has three problems:

  1.  The use of 5G map transmission, so that the map distance does not exceed 300 meters, the flight height does not exceed 100 meters, it is recommended to play in the viewing distance, not suitable for long distance pulling distance.

    b, without anti-vibration gimbal, therefore although equipped with 8K lens, but the effect of aerial photography has a lot to do with the control stability of the flyer, simply put, the stable flying effect is good, flying unstable image quality will be significantly reduced.

      c 、 The 200 g body is not very wind resistant, so care must be taken when handling it.

The Q6 toy airplane drone has the best cost-benefit ratio if you want to take sharp aerial photos for less than a thousand dollars, but it leaves to be desired in terms of flight safety and shooting stability, so it is recommended that beginners do a slow process to get used to it.

2、DJI Tello

The DJI Tello is a entry-level model for teenagers launched by DJI company and is the only DJI drone priced under $1,000. Using a 14-core Intel chip and DJI flight control technology, it is still guaranteed in terms of safe and stable flight experience and control.


Weight approx. 80g, fixed air pressure height, no GPS.

Maximum flight time 13 minutes, maximum flight distance 100m, maximum flight height 30m.

5 megapixel camera, electronic anti-vibration

As you can also see in the parameters, there are two problems with Tello dji:

One of them is the fact that it is very light, with only 80 g, very resistant to wind and more suitable for playing indoors or in windless conditions.

The second is that it is equipped only with an electronically stabilized 5 megapixel camera, which provides stable first-person vision, but does not allow high-quality aerial photography.

In addition, this small plane also supports programming control, which is a good option for teens who want to experience the fun of control and have little need for aerial photography. Many primary and secondary school drone club practice planes also use the DJI Tello.(to be continued)