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Drone with camera how can I choose(III)?

May 08,2023 | Autdrone

Bedroom, Drone with Basic Level Camera

The entry-level camera drone is the most suitable drone for beginners and beginners to practice beyond DJI drones, meeting the basic needs of aerial photography at a lower cost.

Basic-level camera drones are usually equipped with 4K lenses and low-cost gimbals to meet the most basic requirements of aerial image quality and anti-vibration. However, image transfer is usually done by WIFI, the distance is relatively short, the image quality is unstable and vulnerable to interference.

Price, usually in the range of 1,000 to 2,000, commonly known as thousand yuan machine. The most representative are sg908 series Drones, V28 GPS Drone, K911 MAX Drone, etc. In addition, there is a more interesting idea controlled drone to try.

1、Drones of the sg908 series

The SG908 drone series is known as the "King of $1,000" in drone circles and has a very high cost performance ratio.

Equipped with Sony IMX179 camera, 4K lens, 3-axis mechanical gimbal and EIS stabilization, aerial photography is very good in terms of clarity and stability.

The SG908 drone series is a very economical drone, with an autonomy of about 30 minutes with a single battery and a range of 1 km to 3 km of autonomy and flight distance.

There are three models of SG908 series drones: SG908, SG908PRO and SG908MAX.

The downside is that it is not as stable as the DJI drone in terms of flight control, so it is necessary to do simulations and practice well before the first flight to get used to the controls. The brand value is not as high as that of DJI drones, so the price is much lower than that of DJI drones, but the performance is not worse than that of DJI drones of the same type.

SG908 drone with cameracom 



2、V28 GPS Drone

The V28 GPS drone weighs 100 grams and is a real mini drone, easy to carry, without registration on the civil aviation website. It can be positioned with GPS and can fly from 2 to 3km.8K HD camera, ESC camera, 360° obstacle prevention function, can follow and shoot, fix height and specify trajectory.This drone can automatically return to flight when battery is low, is highly resistant to signal interference, and can withstand 6-7 winds in the air.Also, About 25 minutes of battery life.There's no shortage of features like one-touch blockbuster, fixed-point surround, gesture photo and smart follow.

General, The quality of this drone is very good and it feels very good in hand. Very well equipped and functional, very resistant to falls and especially with a very good price. The price is also low, it is a really good and cheap drone.

V28 GPS Drone



3.K911 MAX Drone

The K911 Max mini drone is also a recommended entry level camera drone that flies 1.2km, is equipped with 4 high efficiency brushless motors, has a wind resistance index of up to class 7, supports sea flight and aerial photography, and is smoother than normal. Equipped with an 8K HD camera with beauty+filter function, shooting system with EIS stabilization and optical flow fluctuation function. With new generation zoom technology, it is able to zoom 50 times with the agitator, providing better aerial photography. With low power GPS return, one-key return, super distance return and other functions, making the drone safer during flight. Intelligent flight function: you can draw the waypoint of the desired flight lane on the APP map and follow the waypoint of the runway designed to fly. Easy to pilot system for beginners, with a variety of one-touch controls, many functions can be realized through the phone. The drone weighs only 225 g and can fly for 25 minutes. Overall, it is a cheap and highly recommended mini drone in the category of basic level drones.

K911 MAX Mini Drone



4、UDrone Mini drone controlled by brain waves

This is a rather unusual and interesting drone, as the name suggests, a drone that can be controlled with the mind. As the name suggests, it is a drone that can be controlled with the mind, that is, a drone controlled by brain waves, a smart toy to improve concentration.

This UDrone mini mind control drone is composed of an intelligent mental machine (headband) and an intelligent drone. The intelligent mental machine can capture the brain wave activity of the human brain and quantify the attention of the human brain, and then convert it into control commands to realize drone control.

It is also compatible with flight control by mobile phone APP, 1080P HD image transfer, intelligent photo capture with AI, about 10 minutes battery life, and is also compatible with visual programming control and intentional auto timer.

It can be used for traditional drone control, but it can also be used for brain wave awareness control through the mind control range, so you can exercise and improve concentration while having fun.

Obviously, the disadvantages of this drone are obvious, as mind control is very difficult to be precise, and the camera setup and battery life are also very rudimentary. This drone is another relaxing and fun toy, a good option for children to train concentration.