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I want to buy a drone, but DJI drones are very expensive, what other drones do you recommend?

May 28,2023 | Autdrone

I want to buy a drone, but DJI drones are very expensive, what other drones do you recommend?

With the development and advancement of technology, drones have ceased to be mysterious military equipment and have become a toy with which everyone can play. In recent years, drones, led by DJI, have constantly renewed people's perceptions, attracting many electronics and photography enthusiasts.

Most people have been thinking about drones for a long time, but are struggling to decide whether or not to go into the hole. It's like when you're struggling to decide whether or not to go into the photography pit.

Like photography equipment, drone technology has advanced very quickly in recent years, with new products being launched all the time. The question of choosing the "best" or "best for you" can be one of the difficulties many people face before entering this field.

Of course, many people would argue that there is no reason to worry about drone brands, as DJI is obviously the first option. And that's true. But DJI drones are expensive, so what other brands of drones can be bought besides DJI?

To purchase electronic products, it is critical to determine your personal needs.

First, the drone imaging system. The greatest demand for drones is the shooting of videos or photos, and the shooting capacity is an important indicator for drones. Nowadays, the lens resolution of mobile phones is easily tens of millions of pixels, the HD camera has been behind for a long time, and if you still use a 1080P drone, you are ashamed to greet others. Therefore, the main requirement for professional enthusiasts is that the camera has 4K resolution.

Secondly, the size and weight of the drone. Some might say: the smaller the better? In addition, many areas have a no-fly restriction and a small size drone can be exempted from this restriction.

Why are drone size and weight requirements still very important? The first and most important is portability. Although the law sets a standard of less than 4 kg for small drones, most consumer drones are still designed to be less than 1 kg. A drone over 1 kg is no longer much portable.

Therefore, it seems that the smaller the drone, the better, at least in terms of portability.

However, two factors directly related to drone performance make drone volume requirements important at this time: firstly, resistance. Secondly, wind resistance.

There are many conditions that affect these two factors, not necessarily absolutely related to volume. For example, all aspects of technology, such as power engines, chips and flight control technology, can affect range and wind resistance. However, as with mobile phones, cameras and other electronic products, in general, the larger the battery, the greater the range, the greater the weight and the larger the size. In terms of wind resistance, a simple understanding would be that the higher it is, the greater the wind resistance.

If some players are just having fun and do not require as much aerial camera as described above, they can also reduce some of the parameters criteria, for example:V28 GPS Drone

The V28 GPS drone weighs 100 grams and is a real mini drone, easy to carry, without registration on the civil aviation website. It can be positioned with GPS and can fly from 2 to 3km.8K HD camera, ESC camera, 360° obstacle prevention function, can follow and shoot, fix height and specify trajectory.This drone can automatically return to flight when battery is low, is highly resistant to signal interference, and can withstand 6-7 winds in the air.Also, About 25 minutes of battery life.There's no shortage of features like one-touch blockbuster, fixed-point surround, gesture photo and smart follow.

General, The quality of this drone is very good and it feels very good in hand. Very well equipped and functional, very resistant to falls and especially with a very good price. The price is also low, it is a really good and cheap drone.

V28 GPS Drone



Obviously, the needs and financial circumstances of each person are different, and the various options ultimately depend on the assessment of their situation.