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Achievements of President Lula's visit to China

May 20,2023 | Autdrone

Achievements of President Lula's visit to China

After finishing his trip to China, President Lula went to social media platforms to enthusiastically declare that orders totalling almost 70 billion yuan had been placed with China and confidently affirmed that Brazil had reopened its doors to the world. It is interesting to note that when Lula visited the United States earlier, he obtained only $9.5 million in trade, or about 65.3 million yuan. On the other hand, it is understandable that Lula is so excited.

Lula's visit to China brings US$ 70 billion in large orders

On April 12, 2023, immediately after recovering from his illness, President Lula traveled to China with a large delegation to begin a four-day visit to the country. Before his official departure, Lula tweeted that one of the main objectives of his visit was to "strengthen relations with our main trading partner".

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1974, bilateral trade relations between Brazil and China have grown rapidly, and in 2009 China became Brazil's largest economic and trade partner, with total bilateral trade between the two countries reaching US$ 171.49 billion in 2022. During his visit to China, Lula signed a series of cooperation agreements with the Chinese side.

【China-Brazil trade agreement signed locally】

According to media reports, China and Brazil have signed 15 bilateral cooperation agreements covering a wide range of areas, such as technology and innovation, aerospace and the digital economy, with a total investment of R$50 billion, or about RMB 70 billion.

In addition, more than 20 trade cooperation agreements have been signed between Chinese and Brazilian companies in the areas of energy, information technology, infrastructure and agriculture, including the construction of Brazil's 5G network, hydroelectric power plant renovation projects and automobile manufacturing projects, which not only bring great economic benefits to Brazil, but also further promote deep cooperation between China and Brazil in science and technology, trade and economics.

It is worth mentioning that before Lula's visit to China, China and Brazil also reached an agreement to use the RMB for commercial settlement, reducing the cost of commercial transactions between the two countries.

Lula empty-handed after visiting the USA

Lula was also in the United States for a two-day visit in February 2023.

As South America's number one country in terms of economy and population, Brazil has always been a target of attraction to the US. Soon after Lula's return to office, the United States invited him for a visit. Lula was invited to visit the country, no doubt with the intention of "restarting" relations between Brazil and the Biden government, which had been lukewarm during the administration of former President Bosonaro. But what he didn't expect was the humiliation he felt during his trip to the US.

One of the reasons Lula wanted to repair relations with the U.S. was to achieve some economic cooperation with the U.S., but during his meeting with him, Biden avoided talking about economic aid, talking only about the so-called U.S.-Brazil shared values and finally handing Brazil an investment agreement of $9.5 million, which is equivalent to about 65 million yuan.

You know, the total money the US has spent in Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has exceeded at least $20 billion. And what the US has given Brazil is not even one percent of what they have given Ukraine. Moreover, as the world's number one economy, it is difficult not to feel humiliated by the fact that the US is only giving such a small amount of money to Lula.

A "new moment" in China-Pakistan relations with the visit of an old friend

As an "old friend" of the Chinese people, Lula's visit to China not only promotes the development of economic and trade relations between the two countries, but also opens a "new moment" in Sino-Pakistani relations.

【Beijing raises the flags of China and Pakistan during Lula's visit to China】

As two representative countries of BRICS cooperation, China and Brazil have always been good partners. According to information, the strategic partnership between the two countries celebrated its 30th year and, at this specific moment, China and Brazil achieved cooperation in many fields, which not only brings new development opportunities for Brazil, but also strengthens the basis of cooperation between China and South American countries and gives an example of cooperation between developing countries.