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How much does a drone cost?

Jun 03,2023 | Autdrone

How much does a drone cost?

How much does a drone cost? The price of a drone is always a concern for drone enthusiasts and if you want to buy a drone according to your taste, you will certainly compare prices. Let's start by finding out how much a drone costs for different purposes.

How much does a consumer-grade drone cost?

The consumer level usually refers to drone with camera, with prices ranging from a few thousand to more than 10,000. The industry's most mature camera drones are also from DJI, which is often preferred by aerial photography enthusiasts, with decades of technical barriers that are very difficult to break through. Hubsan drone's camera drones, which have been launched since then, also caused small waves in the drone industry, with the same configuration and quality as DJI's drone, but at a much cheaper price. Drones priced below a few thousand and with a flight range of 1 km or less are basically just toy drones.

How much does an industrial drone cost?

Industrial drones are mainly used in various sectors such as pasture, agriculture, forestry, plant protection, freight logistics, security, energy patrol, etc.Industrial drones focus on the accuracy of drone data collection and the formation of valuable data for analysis and decision making.

The price of industrial drones is also based on actual usage and technical level, with agricultural drones currently costing between 30,000 and 60,000. If used for grazing, forestry and safety.

The most cost-effective consumer drone in 2023, the V28 GPS 3km drone.

The V28 GPS 3km drone weighs 100 grams and is a real mini drone, easy to carry, no registration required on the civil aviation website. It can be positioned with GPS and can fly from 2 to 3km.8K HD camera, ESC camera, 360° obstacle prevention function, can follow and shoot, fix height and specify trajectory.This drone can automatically return to flight when battery is low, is highly resistant to signal interference, and can withstand winds of 6-7 in the air.Moreover, about 25 minutes of battery life.There is no shortage of features such as one-touch blockbuster, fixed-point surround, photo-by-gesture and smart follow.

General, The quality of this drone is very good and it feels very good in hand. Very well equipped and functional, very resistant to falls and especially with a very good price. The price is also low, it is a really good and cheap drone.


V28 GPS 3Km Drone