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How much does a drone cost? Why buy a drone?

Apr 18,2023 | Autdrone

How much does a drone cost? Why buy a drone?

I personally bought the drone in the first place purely because I had watched some high-level aerial videos and thought God's vision was great. In fact, after buying the drone and until now, it was the vision of God that attracted me. The experience of looking from the sky at an environment you know is completely different, like suddenly discovering a new world. Of course, for me, using a drone also makes it easier to hold stamps outdoors, as I can often make videos that will blow up my friends.

Drone with individual cameras, aerial photography should be processed as soon as possible after the material, to develop good habits, do not leave a lot of material lying on a corner of the hard drive, gradually losing light and shade.

To get back to the subject, most of our partners want to buy a drone, more or less, in relation to these points of need:

I often see them and think they are so high class that I would like to get them myself;

. When playing outdoors, you want to take some high quality videos and photos;

. I am a photography enthusiast and want to use more equipment;

. Gifts for friends and children;

. Professional level video maker, tool to place orders.

Different needs and different frequencies of use require different priorities when choosing a drone. In the Drone Recommendations section, later on, we will analyze and recommend each drone to the right people.

Two potentially dissuasive questions are asked here:

Do you live in a city with a large flight ban?

How much time do you have for outdoor games and aerial photography?

The first problem is that if you live in a city with a large flight ban like Beijing, China, it is not advisable to buy a drone unless you go to the suburbs or out of the city often. The second problem is that if you are just a casual passenger and do not have time to go out and play, it is also advisable not to buy a drone. The exceptions are, of course, for the rich.

Without the above two problems, editing ability, flying ability, etc., are not a problem and do not prevent you from touching the drones very well. Why? Take editing, if you don't know how to do it, then DJI has one click to edit and comes out fine. If you don't play with difficult aerial photography, the flight control app already has many infallible flight modes built in. You don't have to worry about the fact that you don't know how to play with a drone, each flyer starts as a noob.

Here are the toy airplane、the drone with level entry camera and drones with Intermediate aerial camera:

I, toy aeroplane:

We generally refer to smaller drones as toy drones, which are not expensive, basically below R500. Due to the low price, these toy drones usually do not have GPS, do not avoid obstacles, do not have gimbal, do not have many pixels in the camera, and are basically driven by brush motors, which are not powerful enough and have a remote control distance of less than 200m.

Such drones are suitable only for experimenting with flight controls, not for aerial photography, and never let the drone fly out of your field of view. Among the most representative E88:

The E88 is the most cheap drones there is, comes in both 4K single camera and dual camera settings, has a one-touch return function, WiFi transmission, and is suitable for scenes where you do not need to take long distance photos, but only for close-up photos and not for building photos, suitable for indoor use or to give your kids as a toy. It's mostly cheap and won't hurt if it breaks.

4K RC Quadcopter with Camera Drone Wifi Mini Drone

www.atudrone.com  USD32.99


II、drone with level entry camera

The drone with level entry camera, the best drone for beginners and beginners to practice with, in addition to DJI drones., meeting the basic needs of aerial photography at a lower cost.

Drone with level entry camera is usually equipped with 4K lenses and low-range gimbal to meet the most basic requirements of aerial image quality and anti-vibration. However, WIFI transmission is generally used, which is a relatively short distance, with unstable image quality and susceptible to interference.

In terms of price, they are usually in the range of 500-1000, commonly known as thousand dollar machines. Some of the most representative are V28, S128, G63 and K6.

The V28 is a true mini drone with a weight of 100 grams, facilitating transportation without having to register on the civil aviation website. 200 meters range, an 8K HD camera, an ESC camera, 360° obstacle avoidance, a designated trajectory and the ability to follow the camera. It has a strong wind resistance, allowing you to take better quality photos.

V28 Drone GPS 4K Dual HD 360° Cameras to Avoid Obstacles Quadcopter

www.atudrone.com       USD55.66


III、Drones with Intermediate aerial camera:

Intermediate aerial camera drones, can meet the needs of most people in aerial photography, normally equipped with a three-axis mechanical cardan suspension as standard, digital image transmission, image transmission range 5km away, with basic function of avoiding obstacles, both image quality of aerial photography and flight safety and stability have basic protection, for non-professionals, can be considered as a one step option.

In terms of price, it will usually be above R$ 2,000. The most representative, in addition to the DJI Mini2, are the Harborson Zino Mini Pro and Downtone Nano series. Among the low-cost mid-level aerial drones are the V28GPS and SG908MAX.

The V28 GPS or the SG908MAX. The V28 GPS version weighs 100g and is a real mini drone, easy to carry and requires no registration on the civil aviation website. It features an 8K HD camera, ESC camera, 360° obstacle avoidance function, can follow the camera, shoot at a high altitude, fly in a specified trajectory, low battery and automatically return to flight. The quality of this model is very good and feels very good in hand. The price is also cheap, it is a good drone and cheap and good.

V28 Dron GPS 4K Dual HD 360° Cameras to Avoid Obstacles Quadcopter




Another advanced drone is the SG908MAX, a rocker with repeater, which allows it to fly over 3KM and has a range of 3KM, allowing you to take more beautiful pictures of nature. It uses brushless motors, GPS positioning, a 4K HD camera, ESC camera, 360° obstacle avoidance function, can follow and shoot, fixed height shooting, specified trajectory flight, drone low battery automatically turns back, strong anti-signal interference, in air flight can resist winds of 6-7 degrees. It features an anti-vibration cloud platform, so you can take clearer photos. You can also shoot MV effects with multiple filter effects to make your videos perfect. It's perfect drone with camera. If the budget allows, this is highly recommended for beginners.

Drone With GPS Camera 3 Axis 5G Professional Drone SG908 MAX